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Please send us your inquiries or questions by e-mail or arrange an appointment with us by e-mail - also for phone calls! - They help to make the process as efficient as possible. There are several reasons why we prefer this form of communication that we would like to introduce to you in the following.

We want to focus on your benefit

We work on complex issues every day. In a telephone call, the work must be interrupted immediately, workflows and thought processes are interrupted and disturbed. An e-mail can be edited with a few minutes or 1-2 hours later, which is not a loss in our eyes, but a profit for both sides. You also benefit from the fact that your request is not processed quickly between door and door, but when it fits optimally and we can concentrate fully on your wishes and questions. We also attach great importance to the fact that you have direct contact with our specialists. We consider this to be meaningful, because you are so optimally looked after. But, especially with these contacts, appointments must, of course, be coordinated with current work programs.

By the way, incoming eMails are always immediately spotted and treated immediately in the case of urgent emergencies.

Simplified Teamwork

We work in a team. If an e-mail reaches us, this is stored in your customer account and our employees can always read the complete stand, simple and uncomplicated. Telephone conversations can also be useful, of course, but of course, only one person from our team calls you, the rest is not informed - which leads to unnecessary work.
In case of contact via e-mail, this information is directly available to the entire team.

Unrestricted working and modern flexitime

We also work on flexitime, which is a matter of course for a modern company. That only in the core time is there any chance to reach someone by phone, in the flexitime is of course more difficult. Time-delayed communication via e-mail makes it easier for us to work, which ultimately benefits you - the time thus saved flows directly into the processing of your wishes.

The Internet also allows us to work in a location-independent manner - employees often work from the home or elsewhere through the Internet. That especially in flexitime, the office itself is not staffed, even if colleagues are quite busy at the time - just on the Internet. In the case of eMails, we are always able to access our website at any time, regardless of location or time, but phone calls do not reach us during these times.

Often it is also more useful to copy information from an e-mail instead of using it during a phone call - this also reduces the error rate and speeds up the process.

Of course, you can also reach us by telephone, despite all the arguments per email - often a short telephone call is also more useful and easier than e-mail - e.g. in case of appointment agreements or special queries - with most wishes or questions, eMail is our choice of communication.

If, however, you want to clarify longer or complex questions in a telephone call, we ask you to make a phone call by e-mail in advance, which we then naturally leave for you and include in our schedule.

If you do not reach us and you do not call with a suppressed number, your call is still automatically recorded by our customer intranet and assigned to your customer profile. We will of course endeavor to report to you as soon as possible. If you suppress your number, this service is, of course, not possible.